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Center for Prevention Services

The Center for Prevention Services (CPS) at Pathways of Central Ohio provides a systematic approach to mental, emotional and behavioral health disorders. Through research-based prevention science, CPS promotes personal growth and self-reliance for individuals, families, and communities and coordinates services, trainings, and offers technical assistance to individuals experiencing concerns regarding substance use and mental health disorders, bullying, suicide, problem gambling, and violence. CPS staff are certified by the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board as well as the American School Counselor Association and receive extensive training in multiple evidence-based curricula.

Cheryl R. Hoshor 1, R.A., LSW, BPS, LCDC III
Community-Based Prevention Coordinator
(740) 345-6166 ext. 220
Janet Thode, M.S., OCPS, BPS
School-Based Prevention Coordinator
(740) 345-6166 ext. 218


Check out this great video explaining what prevention is and how it promotes health and safety and focuses on reducing likelihood, delaying the onset, slowing the progression and decreasing the severity of mental, emotional and behavioral health disorders for individuals, families, and communities.

Programs and Services

CPS staff are trained and certified in a variety of evidence-based curricula including Project ALERT, LifeSkills Training (LST), Signs of Suicide (SOS), Stacked Deck, Prime for Life and WISE (Wellness Initiative for Senior Education). Each evidence-based process is designed to help individuals understand the dangers of substance use, problem gambling, bullying and violent behaviors and curb unsafe and unhealthy decision making.

Too Good for Drugs: Skill development is at the core of Too Good for Drugs, a universal prevention program designed to mitigate the risk factors and enhance protective factors related to substance use. The program introduces and develops social and emotional skills for making healthy choices, building positive friendships, communicating effectively, and resisting peer pressure. The Too Good for Drugs curriculum is for students in grades 5-12.

Too Good for Violence: In Too Good for Violence - Social Perspectives, students differentiate feelings and actions, understand and practice respect between peers, and celebrate diversity. Students learn to manage bullying situations and choose peaceful ways to resolve conflict and manage stress and frustration. The Too Good for Violence curriculum is for students in grades 5-12.

Celebrating Healthy Choices: Tuggles the Bear introduces students to decision making and helps them distinguish between healthy and unhealthy choices. Students learn how their choices affect their health and well-being so they can grow up confident and strong. The Celebrating Healthy Choices curriculum is for kindergarten-aged students.

Project ALERT: Project ALERT is a classroom-based substance use prevention program that proven to reduce the experimental or continued use of drugs. Through a series of comprehensive lessons, Project ALERT motivates students against drug use, cultivates new non-use attitudes and beliefs, and equips young people with skills and strategies they'll use to resist unsafe, unhealthy, or illegal activities. The Project ALERT curriculum is for students in grades 6-9.

Botvin's LifeSkills Training (LST): Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) is an evidence-based substance abuse and violence prevention program that is uniquely designed to be flexible and interactive.
The LST program has been extensively tested and proven effective at reducing tobacco, alcohol, opioid, and illicit drug use by as much as 80%. Long-term follow-up studies also show that it produces prevention effects that are durable and long-lasting. Botvin's LifeSkills curriculum is for students in grades 3-9.

Signs of Suicide (SOS): SOS is a universal, school-based depression awareness and suicide prevention program designed for middle and high-school students. SOS decreases suicide and suicide attempts by increasing student knowledge and adaptive attitudes about depression, encourages personal help-seeking and/or help-seeking on behalf of a friend, reduces the stigma of mental illness and acknowledges the importance of seeking help or treatment, engages parents and school staff as partners in prevention through “gatekeeper” education, and encourages schools to develop community-based partnerships to support student mental health. The SOS curriculum is for students in grades 6-12.

Stacked Deck: A program to prevent problem gambling is the only curriculum proven
effective in changing youth gambling behaviors. Stacked Deck teaches young people to
approach life as smart risk-takers, weighing the pros and cons of their actions to
determine the odds of achieving positive results. In six interactive lessons, the program
teaches about the history of gambling; the true odds and the “house edge”; gambling
fallacies; the signs, risk factors, and causes of problem gambling; and skills for good
decision-making and problem-solving. Stacked Deck curriculum is for students in grades 6-9.

WISE: The Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE) is a curriculum-based health promotion program that aims to help older adults increase their knowledge and awareness of issues related to health and the aging process. Based on the health belief model of behavioral change, WISE provides older adults with the information and resources they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and become empowered in regard to both their health and the health care they receive.

If you would like more information or to schedule an evidence-based program contact Janet Thode.

The Center for Prevention Services offers an early intervention program for persons 13-21 years old. U-Turn is based on the evidence-based curriculum Prime for Life and is a 4 hour class full of educational information designed to curb the onset of substance use. U-Turn is not mental health counseling or treatment for substance use/abuse.

Cost: $100 (cash or check only)

If you would like more information or to register for a U-Turn contact Cheryl Hoshor.

The Youth Leadership Council of Licking County is an award-winning, youth-led prevention and leadership development project comprised of high school students from Licking County who work to help make Licking County a happy, healthy, safe and drug free place to live, work and go to school. Through community service, leadership development, civic engagement and prevention education, the YLC strives to educate and inform parents, professionals and their peers on the dangers of substance use, abuse and violence.

If you would like more information visit or contact Cheryl Hoshor.

The Center for Prevention Services offers effective, evidence-based problem gambling prevention programming and services. Through the Play It Safe Ohio initiative, we provide information and education regarding problem gambling and how to get help if you or someone you know is experiencing issues related to problem or pathological gambling.

If you would like more information visit or contact Cheryl Hoshor.

The Center for Prevention Services is staffed by individuals with over 20 years experience who are certified to provide effective, evidence-based prevention services. We offer a variety of training and technical assistance services through the Prevention Training Institute (PTI). Customers include: school districts, businesses, families, and individuals and topics include: substance use prevention, mental health promotion, coalition and community building, youth prevention and leadership development, problem gambling prevention and bullying, suicide, and violence prevention, Fees vary based on service.

If you would like more information contact Janet Thode.

Pathway's Programs are funded in part by Mental Health & Recovery for Licking and Knox Counties · United Way of Licking County · United Way of Knox County
United Way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties · United Way of Washington County · The Licking County Foundation ·
Energy Cooperative Round-Up Foundation · Newark City Schools · National Suicide Prevention Lifeline · Cardinal Health Foundation
AT&T Aspire Grant · Ohio Department of Health · Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services · Corporate and private donations

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